Welcome to my renewed blog!

Hello Here is where you’ll find different kinds of “stuff.” Sometimes I will share about my current writing projects, such as a couple of picture books I’m working on now. Other times, I’ll talk about what’s happening in other areas of my life. I may describe places I have visited—I just returned from Germany, where a granddaughter and I bus-toured from Berlin to Munich. I’ll give you news about people I know or have recently met, such as a yoga instructor who has overcome a serious autoimmune condition and stage-four cancer, which included practicing and now training yoga. I, for sure, will tell you about things that are going on around me, such as attending a production of Cats at Kansas City’s Starlight theater and Hamilton at the Kauffman Center. Welcome to my updated blog found at annparrwriter.com. I look forward to some back-and-forth with you. In the meantime, make gratitude your mantra!