Gordon Parks: No Excuses 

ISBN: 978-1589804111 | Pelican Publishing | 2006

Parks didn’t let his black skin or his lack of education stop him from becoming famous over and over again.

A biography of the famous African-American photographer. Gordon Parks grew up in poverty in Kansas, but his mother always told him, "Don't come home with any excuses." His perseverance resulted in his becoming a photographer for Life magazine as well as a successful novelist, director, producer, screenwriter, and music composer. (Read more.)


"The sincerity within the photos of this recently deceased artist and the simple text tell a story of belief in oneself and strength to prevail over adversity" — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

"The book's large-size, spacious design will bring young people close to the beautifully reproduced pictures, which demonstrate Parks' extraordinary use of light, dark, and shadow." — BOOKLIST

Coach Tex Winter: Triangle Basketball

ISBN: 978-1933803104 | Brown Books Publishing Group | 2006

Coach Tex Winter coached basketball longer than any other coach—more than sixty-one years!  His ideas helped the Chicago Bulls win six National NBA Championships and the Los Angeles Lakers win three National NBA Championship.

The life story of legendary Coach Tex Winter. At the age of ten, Tex experienced the untimely death of his father. What resulted was an awakening belief in the coordinated efforts of family members to work together as a team. His family experiences and resultant skills laid the foundation for what became known as his Triangle Offense, a strategy that revolutionized college and professional basketball. Coach Tex Winter: Triangle Basketball is an inspiring story of overcoming hardship to develop the attitudes and relationships for success at home, school and career. Contains 160 full-color pages of news clips, personal notes, photographs, and Tex's chalkboard sayings. Includes quotes from family, friends and legends such as Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson and others.


"Hardcore hoopheads and would-be coaches will look for details about Tex's famed innovations to the triangle offense, and younger readers will undoubtedly appreciate the colorful graphics, pictures, and bite-sized text sections." — KIRKUS DISCOVERIES

Award Winner in Sports Category — Best Books 2006 USABooksNews

Stories of World War II

ISBN: 978-0984001811 | Smoky Valley Writers | 2011

World War II veterans pair up with high school students to tell their war stories. Students make notes, scan pictures, and key-in the stories until we have a fascinating, nice-looking book for sale.

8 1/2 X 11 perfect bound all-color cover 232 pages to tell 20 individual stories of World War II experiences from people who were there. Each of the 20 stories is accompanied by photographs from the era, maps, and graphs.