Points of Light

Wasn’t it President Bush the 1st who campaigned about points of light, suggesting America look for and create positive events, memories, and opportunities all around? I attended a retreat on conscious aging last week in Phoenix at an historic ranch called COD near Oracle and used one of the exercises to ponder and identify points of light in my life. I divided my existence into seven-year segments and listed points of light for each. Such as precious times reading to my maternal grandmother, birthing two special daughters (and connections with subsequent grandchildren), developing and integrating a relating model with my husband that we marketed and trained around the world, being inspired to write books in later years, and now the amazement of forming conscious intentions for meaningful aging. All of which has led me to a welcome awareness that points of light might be all we have. What we do with them equals good days or bad days, energy or fatigue, maybe even health and illness. Additional points of light that happened at the retreat last week included hearing recommended topics for future writing. I’m focused on picture book biographies at the moment, and I’m interested especially in folks who have Kansas connections. One idea is Joyce Dianato, a well-known opera singer who lives in Kansas City, and a second is Mother Bickerdyke, who advocated for Civil War victims and established several hundred field hospitals during the war. She built a boarding house in Salina, and aided families devastated by a grasshopper invasion in 1874. Memorials in Ellsworth and Bunker Hill cemeteries honor what she did. A point of light can be as simple as giving full attention to another’s words or claiming a moment of silence to give balance to the day. Savoring a favorite lunch item, sharing an unsolicited smile, and expressing a word of gratitude. Could even become a habit. Wishing you points of light today and onward.