First Freeze Warning

First freeze warning is my reminder to carve out a chunk of time to grab a book, balance a cup of tea on the side table, and sink into the blessings of autumn. Time to pull up the boat oars, say good-bye to the annual blooms that are showing off their best right now, and turn inward—our human form of hibernating. For me, that means focus on serious submissions of my picture book biography of Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of the Madeline books, and intentional moves forward with publication of my Gordon Parks biography. It means more movies, musical performances, fireside chats with friends, cozy wraps on each of my comfy chairs, and time with family. What about you? What book might you choose to read by a certain time (or listen to)? What relationship do you want to strengthen, and how? Be intentional before your external world makes decisions for you. Make it a great season of internal growth and reflection by making opportunities to pull in, reflect, and do the internal grunt work for what you want for yourself. Happy first freeze, fall fun, and framing your future.